LINENSPA Instant Cooling Pad with Phase Change Material

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Conveniently Cool
This versatile cooling pad is filled with phase change material for hours of comfort. Use it on your pillow, your office chair or in your car to enjoy a cool surface for hours. Once the pad stops absorbing heat, lay it flat or place it in a cool environment to quickly restore it to a cooling state. Pad is non-toxic, portable and easy to clean.

How Does Phase Change Material Work?
The phase change material inside the cooling pad is comprised of microcapsules filled with a non-toxic heat storage medium. As your body heat increases the temperature of the pad, the inner medium changes from a solid to a liquid, absorbing heat and regulating temperature. When you remove the pad from a heat source, the temperature drops, and the microcapsules re-solidify. At temperatures below 77 degrees Fahrenheit, the cooling pad is in solid form. Above 91 degrees, the inner material gradually turns into a gel.

Helpful Hints

  • Because the inner material is in solid form at its coolest, we suggest you place the pad inside your pillowcase to soften the surface.
  • In solid form, the material inside the pad is similar to the consistency of salt. The pad is flexible and can be folded, wrapped around objects and conform as you rest on it.
  • This pad has a vinyl cover that can be wiped clean for a consistently hygienic surface.
  • It takes approximately 10-15 minutes to renew the cooling material. You can speed up the renewal process by placing the pad in the fridge or freezer.
  • Designed with channels to reduce shifting and clumping of phase change material to ensure that the cooling effects are even across the entire surface.
  • Use this pad on your pillow, in the car, on the seat of exercise equipment, in a pet kennel, beneath your laptop and for a number of healthcare uses, such as helping to relieve headaches, hot flashes, and back or neck pain.


  • Cooling pad safely provides a cool surface for sleeping, seating, pets, laptops and more
  • Phase change material provides active cooling by changing phases from solid to liquid state
  • Reusable pad stays cool for hours, then can be renewed by laying the pad on a flat surface or placing in the refrigerator
  • Channels ensure even cooling across the surface of the pad and the plastic cover can be wiped clean
  • Cooling pad measures 15.75″ by 15.75″; 3-year warranty


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